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  • December 2016 Frenchie of the Month Winners!!

    The 4 Paw Members have cast their votes
    (Thank you 4 Paw Members!), and the results are in!

    Congratulations to Fosta Mama, winner of the Frenchie of the Month!!!

    Winner will receive a 30 day supply of NUVET PLUS!

    And let's hear it for Squishy Walnuts, your runner-up!

    Thank you to all the 4 Paw members who voted!

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    1. Alice Kable's Avatar
      Alice Kable -
    1. 2bullymama's Avatar
      2bullymama -
      Congratulations! Great pictures

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    1. davidh's Avatar
      davidh -
      Cool, congrats to both of you. Great pics.
    1. Fosta Mama's Avatar
      Fosta Mama -
      Rocco and I thank you!

      Rocco is a pretty special pup. The end of January will mark 2 years that Rocco has been here. He started off as a foster dog for most of that time.

      He was turned over to the rescue group after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It was clear that Rocco wasn't particularly cared for very well in his first home. His ears are scarred and shriveled up due to untreated hematomas. He spent 6 years with his first family, but all he came with was a broken crate, half a bag of dog food, a vial of insulin, box of syringes, and a Sharps container. No toys, no collar or leash, no bed or blanket.

      Rocco and I learned together how to check his blood sugar at home. We check it twice a day. He is very good, as it's become part of our daily routine. I also learned all I could about canine diabetes, and offer to mentor newly diagnosed dogs' owners at my vet's office and at the specialty vet's office.

      Rocco has been through a lot, having to leave his family, sick with diabetes, a double ear infection, and a urinary tract infection; having to learn a whole new routine regarding testing and injecting; and adjusting to a new life here. He's taken it all in stride, as most dogs to, but he suffers greatly from separation anxiety. I must be in his sight at all times when at home, or he goes a bit crazy looking for me. We've come to accept Rocco and his oddities.

      Rocco is home, and he is a happy, healthy boy! Just the way I like it!

      Here is an old video of how I check his blood sugar and give his insulin shots.

    1. Fosta Mama's Avatar
      Fosta Mama -
      Rocco and I thank you!
    1. Squishy Walnuts's Avatar
      Squishy Walnuts -
      Congrats Rocco!! I love that dog!! Wally and his drool thank everyone for the runner up votes.
    1. Nu2frenchie's Avatar
      Nu2frenchie -
    1. Jakeyjake's Avatar
      Jakeyjake -
      Congratulations to you both!!! Great photos!
    1. turbodave's Avatar
      turbodave -
      Congrats to the winners!!!!

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    1. Mavis's Avatar
      Mavis -
      Congratulations to Fosta and Squishy!!! Great pics!
    1. Mavis's Avatar
      Mavis -
      Quote Originally Posted by Squishy Walnuts View Post
      Congrats Rocco!! I love that dog!! Wally and his drool thank everyone for the runner up votes.
      Did he spot a tasty elf?