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  • I Am Your Puppy

    I Am Your Puppy...

    I am your Puppy, and I will love you until the end of the Earth, but please know a few things about me.

    I am a Puppy; this means that my intelligence and capacity for learning are the same as an 8-month-old child.

    I am a Puppy; I will chew EVERYTHING I can get my teeth on. This is how I explore and learn about the world. Even HUMAN children put things in their mouths. It's up to you to guide me to what is mine to chew and what is not.

    I am a Puppy; I cannot hold my bladder for longer than 1 - 2 hours. I cannot "feel" that I need to poop until it is actually beginning to come out. I cannot vocalize nor tell you that I need to go, and I cannot have "bladder and bowel control" until 6 - 9 months. Do not punish me if you have not let me out for 3 hours and I tinkle. It is your fault. As a Puppy, it is wise to remember that I NEED to go potty after: eating, sleeping, playing, drinking, and around every 2 - 3 hours in addition. A crate will help me learn to housebreak easier, and will avoid you being mad at me.

    I am a Puppy, accidents WILL happen, please be patient with me! In time I will learn.

    I am a Puppy, I like to play. I will run around, and chase imaginary monsters, and chase your feet and your toes and 'attack' you, and chase fuzz balls, other pets, and small kids. It is play; it's what I do. Do not be mad at me or expect me to be sedate, mellow and sleep all day. If my high energy level is too much for you, maybe you could consider an older rescue from a shelter or Rescue group. My play is beneficial, use your wisdom to guide me in my play with appropriate toys, and activities like chasing a rolling ball, or gentle tug games, or plenty of chew toys for me. If I nip you too hard, talk to me in "dog talk," by giving a loud YELP, I will usually get the message, as this is how dogs communicate with one another. If I get too rough, simply ignore me for a few moments, or put me in my crate with an appropriate chew toy.

    I am a Puppy; hopefully you would not yell, hit, strike, kick or beat a 6-month-old human infant, so please do not do the same to me. I am delicate, and also very impressionable. If you treat me harshly now, I will grow up learning to fear being hit, spanked, and kicked or beat. Instead, please guide me with encouragement and wisdom. For instance, if I am chewing something wrong, say, "No chew!" and hand me a toy I CAN chew. Better yet, pick up ANYTHING that you do not want me to get into. I can't tell the difference between your old sock and your new sock, or an old sneaker and your $200 Nikes.

    I am a Puppy, and I am a creature with feelings and drive much like your own, but yet also very different. Although I am NOT a human in a dog suit, neither am I an unfeeling robot who can instantly obey your every whim. I truly DO want to please you, and be a part of your family, and your life. You got me (I hope) because you want a loving partner and companion, so do not relegate me to the backyard when I get bigger. Do not judge me harshly but instead mold me with gentleness and guidelines and training into the kind of family member you want me to be.

    I am a Puppy and I am not perfect, and I know you are not perfect either. I love you anyway. So please, learn all you can about training, and puppy behaviors and caring for me from your Veterinarian, books on dog care and even researching on the computer! Learn about my particular breed and it's characteristics, it will give you understanding and insight into WHY I do all the things I do. Please teach me with love, patience, the right way to behave and socialize me with training in a puppy class or obedience class, we will BOTH have a lot of fun together.

    I am a Puppy and I want more than anything to love you, to be with you, and to please you. Won't you please take time to understand how I work? We are the same you and I, in that we both feel hunger, pain, thirst, discomfort, fear, but yet we are also very different and must work to understand one another's language, body signals, wants and needs. Someday I will be a handsome dog, hopefully one you can be proud of and one that you will love as much as I love you.

    Your Puppy

    Author unknown
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    1. bullmama's Avatar
      bullmama -
      I love this

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    1. Sherry's Avatar
      Sherry -
      ME TOO
    1. Alice Kable's Avatar
      Alice Kable -

      this is a must read for all new puppy owners. i totally love this article.
    1. Kazzy220's Avatar
      Kazzy220 -
    1. trishkidd24's Avatar
      trishkidd24 -
      I love this very true... Sometimes it is hard to not lose your patients or a temper with a puppy when they do things they aren't suppose to, but positive reinforcement training is the best... My Margie gets so excited when I tell her "good puppy" or talk in a happy voice, and she definitely knows when I say "bad girl" if it is something she isn't suppose to do. They are very smart, they just need time and patients!
    1. anumb1's Avatar
      anumb1 -
      This is great...I feel like my puppy (now 4 months old!) was acting saying this to me! I try everyday to make sure I am doing everything I can to provide support, protection and love to my little guy and he shows his appreciation back to me everyday. Dog ownership can have its ups and downs, but the ups make it so worth it! Puppies treated right turn into great adults
    1. Tgirl's Avatar
      Tgirl -
      This article is great! I see so many people that come in the Veterinary hospital where I work with a puppy, then a year later they have another puppy, and the next year another. Every time they are asked about the previous one, something happened to it. They gave it away, or it got ran over, or wouldn't potty train, or whatever. The new wears off and they just forget about it. We have a number of people that do that on a regular basis with puppies and kittens. They bring them in as a puppy or kitten and are all excited, and once the new wears off the dog is just forgotten about
    1. Kris Thomas LaBounty's Avatar
      Kris Thomas LaBounty -
      Great Article. Puppies are no different from a human infant and I think people just look at cute they are and forget how much patience it takes to raise them.
    1. Julie Stevenson's Avatar
      Julie Stevenson -
      Very well written article and so very true! It's been many many years since I have had a puppy and they take a lot of work, but in the end it's all worth it because you have a devoted friend that loves you unconditionally.
    1. Schimpfy's Avatar
      Schimpfy -
      I try to remind myseIf this daiIy - he makes it reaIIy hard some times
    1. Frenchie Mommy's Avatar
      Frenchie Mommy -
      Glad this was written as it reminds us all that they do think differently from us and that a puppy is soaking everything up like a sponge. I'm hoping to get a new puppy next month and this refreshed puppy behavior again for me. Thanks so much David[emoji173]️

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    1. turbodave's Avatar
      turbodave -
      WOW! What a fantastic article, and so well written!

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    1. Blondipinto's Avatar
      Blondipinto -
      This is so true and informative!�� new puppy owners should read this!!!
    1. hannah's Avatar
      hannah -
      Awww I love this!!
    1. bellawella's Avatar
      bellawella -
      Quote Originally Posted by bullmama View Post
      I love this

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      love that

      - - - Updated - - -

      Sweet ♡
    1. Christel's Avatar
      Christel -
      love this... i need my husband to read this
    1. Nokio0615's Avatar
      Nokio0615 -
      This is awesome!
    1. blushy's Avatar
      blushy -
      If I ever bred dogs I would print this out in the "going home packet". It's really a must read for anyone bringing home a puppy!
    1. joedrummer001's Avatar
      joedrummer001 -
      i read this 100 times its awesome
    1. Cosmin's Avatar
      Cosmin -
      What a great piece of advice for new owners!