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  • Debra: Members Spotlight

    I got started in the bully world about 12 years ago. I had lost my Black Lab of 10 years and I thought a Lab puppy would fill my void. After searching for the right one with no success, I knew I had to go a different route. In the end it was too painful sticking with the same breed. So what is the opposite of a retriever....a bulldog of course! After finding my first English Bulldog on Petfinder, I was hooked on the bully breed! I am a past president of Indiana Bulldog Rescue and a member of BCARN. I have worked in English Bulldog rescue for many years & have seen awful things, and lots of many happy endings. My husband and I have fostered many & have loved them all!

    I have always loved Frenchies and admired them from afar, after all we surely donít need another dog! I have patience and believe things happen for a reason. After 2 years of quietly looking, (unbeknownst to my husband) I stumbled upon Junebug. She came from a family who bought her for breeding and had her for only a year. They soon learned she had been raised in a kennel environment ( breeding facility ) , wasnít potty trained and didnít know how to interact with people. After she had another litter of puppies, the family thankfully had her spayed and knew she needed patience and lots of love in a quiet home. It took her about a good year to feel safe and secure with us. She slowly would go to you for a quick pet on the head, then run as fast as she could to her end of the couch, which was her safe spot. Now she goes to everyone and runs the house! Her two English Bulldog brothers love her, but they know she is queen and they better do as she says!. We still talk about how different she is today, verses 4 years ago when she came into our lives. She is now 8, is a bed hog, gives the bird kisses and keeper of the yard and we wouldnít have it any other way!!

    I live with my husband, Junebug the Frenchie , 2 English Bulldogs Harley & Otis & Rocco the African Grey. In our free time we like to ride our motorcycle, are big Notre Dame fans and of course that includes tailgating and going to games. While he is golfing, I like to go to Lake Michigan. and swim, and as always be a servant to our pets! I am honored to be a member spotlight & love reading all this forum has to offer.

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    1. Alice Kable's Avatar
      Alice Kable -
      Great reading about you, Debra. You are a true advocate for dogs. I totally understand you not being able to replace your lab with another lab; I was the same way when my 13 yr. old German Shepard passed on.
    1. bullmama's Avatar
      bullmama -
      Thank you for sharing your story @Debra, it's nice to get to know you better! Thank you for all your hard work in rescue!
    1. davidh's Avatar
      davidh -
      Thanks so much for writing your story. I enjoy reading about our members.
    1. FindBehr's Avatar
      FindBehr -
      I love your dog pictures! It is quite obvious Junebug is the queen. You would never know her past looking at how happy she appears now.
    1. Debra's Avatar
      Debra -
      I looked at so many lab puppies & thought I was crazy to not fall in love with a puppy, but look where it took me. GSD are awesome & so loyal. My father in law always had one by side. They too have passed on and leave us with good memories
    1. Debra's Avatar
      Debra -
      She is always moving, so getting some pictures is always hard. She is a happy camper for sure!
    1. Debra's Avatar
      Debra -
      Thank you, it is fun meeting new people who have the same interest!
    1. Debra's Avatar
      Debra -
      I really believe, when you adopt a displaced dog, they are so appreciative. This forum has some great people who are so helpful & have wonderful hearts
    1. hannah's Avatar
      hannah -
      I loved reading this! Thanks for sharing