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  • Members Spotlight: Winginit66

    Hi, my name is Anne Johnston. I joined FBN (officially) in August of 2013. I had stumbled across the site while searching for a photo contest to enter some pics of my Frenchie, Gidget. And let me tell you… the photo contents are Great, but the other information available on the site and through other Frenchie owners is PRICELESS!!!

    My family and I live in Salem, Virginia. My family consists of ~ husband Mike, sons Ian (15) and Parker (12), and lots of canine and feline kids. We have a 15-yr old Corgi (Newton), an 8-yr old Cairn terrier (Maggie) and 2 larger rescue dogs that are kenneled outside (a hound Hank and Dalmatian Rosie). Cats include: Penelope, Tinkerbell, Ruby, Dot and Eva.

    I had been introduced to French Bulldogs by a friend in the horse world who has one and promptly fell in love. Several years went by and then, we saw an ad in our local paper for French Bulldog puppies. I had been talking them up to my husband and convinced him to call and make an appointment. We went to see them and came home with Gidget in November of 2012.

    She has been a source of amusement from day 1. Mike and I laugh at her antics every day. She is also a saint at being dressed up and having photo shoots by her slightly – OK – totally Crazy Dog Lady Mom. We have had a week of birthday party hats leading up to her first birthday, Thanksgiving costume, multiple Christmas outfits, New Year’s…. So many I could easily do a 12 month calendar with a photo for each month! She is also a coat model for an internet dog coat company that specializes in breed specific coats.

    The only nay-sayer is my mom, who says Gidget is the most ill-mannered dog she has met. I think it’s because she jumps on her every time she is at our house... which is every day. I admit, we didn’t do a good job on that training aspect…

    Plus if the menagerie above wasn’t enough, we asked to be on the waiting list for a pup from another litter from our breeder. I finally convinced Mike that if we were going to get one puppy, why not go ahead and get two… And here we are – newest additions to the clan: littermates Wilson and Olivia. As many of you know, we had some very scary moments almost immediately after bringing Wilson home. Things are looking better every day with him and we are cautiously optimistic that he will grow out of the issues that he was having. I feel like he was meant to be ours for a reason.

    Gidget, Olivia and Wilson hit it off from the moment that they met. Gidget has been an absolutely fantastic big sister role model. She hasn’t displayed very much jealousy when the puppies are getting attention, she loves playing with them and rough-housing, but is not too sure if they want to come over and snuggle up beside her. Olivia is like a little “mini-me” of Gidget and thinks she can do everything big sister does, including jump up on a chair. Wilson’s personality is still coming out as he improves physically. He is up for playing with the sisters and definitely will let them know when they have stepped over the line.

    My husband and I are definitely hooked on this breed. I don’t envision us ever breeding any dogs (we would keep all of the puppies!) but I am sure we will have at least one of them around. If I’ve had a really long, stressful day at work they are sure to put a smile on my face when I get home.

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    1. davidh's Avatar
      davidh -
      Thanks so much Anne for writing this members spotlight. I always enjoy reading about our members.
    1. mhuinker's Avatar
      mhuinker -
      Super awesome story!!! Definitely enjoyed reading it!
    1. Alice Kable's Avatar
      Alice Kable -
      Great bio, Anne! I enjoyed reading about you and your huge fur family!
    1. bullmama's Avatar
      bullmama -
      Great story! Thank you for sharing, don't know how I missed it.
    1. hannah's Avatar
      hannah -
      Thanks for sharing!