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  • August 2014 Frenchie of the Month Winners!

    The 4 Paw Members have cast their votes (Thank you 4 Paw Members!), and the results are in!

    Congratulations to Jakeyjake, winner of the Frenchie of the Month!!

    Congratulations to karla215, for being the Frenchie of the Month Runner-Up!

    Thank you to all the 4 Paw members who voted!

    Interested in becoming a 4 Paw member? CLICK HERE to learn all about it!

    Enter your Frenchie in our next Frenchie of the Month Contest! CLICK HERE!

    Comments 10 Comments
    1. bullmama's Avatar
      bullmama -
      Such adorable pictures!
    1. winginit66's Avatar
      winginit66 -
      Congratulations!!! Great pics!
    1. karla215's Avatar
      karla215 -
      Omg! So excited! I thought it was over for some reason! I think every pic of my baby is a prize winner, but I think we are all that way! Thank you! And of course a flying Jakeyjake can't be beaten - it was adorable!
    1. lkclark's Avatar
      lkclark -
    1. davidh's Avatar
      davidh -
      Congrats to you both, great pics. Awesome action shot @Jakeyjake flying Frenchie.
    1. karla215's Avatar
      karla215 -
      I wanted to give credit to the photographer of Lulu from our frenchie meetup group - http://angelinafaye.com/.

      She has her own little "Frenchton", Cookie Monsta, who is so adorable! She clearly does great work, and I am def following up with her right now to work with her for more pics of Lulu and I!

    1. 2bullymama's Avatar
      2bullymama -
      awesome shots! Congrats to you both
    1. kpromero's Avatar
      kpromero -
      Congrats to both...
    1. MaplesMommy's Avatar
      MaplesMommy -
      Congrats! Great pictures!
    1. Jakeyjake's Avatar
      Jakeyjake -
      YAY SO EXCITED....just like the look on Jake's face in that picture!!! He loves life and we love him. He makes me smile everyday, if not laugh. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this breed after only having Jake for a short 18 mos. I'm off to tell Jake he won now