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  • Tail Pockets in French Bulldogs

    A tail pocket is a little hidden cave under a bulldog's tail.
    Many new bulldog owners are not even aware that it exists, unless it becomes a problem.

    Do all French Bulldogs have tail pockets?

    No. Many French Bulldogs do not have tail pockets at all, but it is more common in English and French Bulldogs to have one than not have one. To find out, you will need to feel at the base of the tail and see if there is any space there that does not see the light of day.

    As show above in the photo, the tail pocket is directly below the tail, but above the anus. If your French Bulldog has no tail pocket, all you will feel is the base of the tail. Bulldogs with gay tails are usually the lucky ones who have no tail pockets at all. A gay tail is a tail that sticks straight up and rarely lays flat.

    Tail Pocket Care

    It is important to keep the tail pocket clean and dry. If anything gets inside a tail pocket, especially a deep one, it is the perfect place to get infested with yeast or bacteria. It is a dark, moist place and can literally become a problem over night.

    If you clean it and there is any color coming out, something is growing in there. Greyish green, Dark Brown/Reddish, and orange yellow are not good, and can be hard to treat.

    The most important thing while cleaning a tail pocket is to keep it DRY. Using a cleanser with a drying agent in it is best, and you should never clean a tail pocket with just baby wipes or a wet cloth. This will give the yeast/bacteria more moisture to thrive.

    Click here to read the FAQ how other members clean and maintain their bulldogs' tail pockets.

    No Tail Pocket?

    Check for a tail pocket every few months. A puppy may not have a tail pocket the first 6 months but could get one later as they start to fill out and their bones become wider and thicker. Some bulldogs don't get a tail pocket until they are mature adults.

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    1. Alice Kable's Avatar
      Alice Kable -
      Great information, Lisa!
    1. Kris Thomas LaBounty's Avatar
      Kris Thomas LaBounty -
      My dog really has no tail but the stub is so strong he wont let you touch under there. We use tissue to wipe him after his bowel movements and he hates it. I have never felt a "cave" when I wash under his tail during his bath. I'm really going to have to check at his next bath. Good info! Thanks
    1. 2bullymama's Avatar
      2bullymama -
      We are very lucky that Cheli does not have a tail pocket... but I do still wipe the area every other day with an unscented babywipe to keep him clean
    1. Squishy Walnuts's Avatar
      Squishy Walnuts -
      Wally doesn't have one either. He hates when I wipe his bottom, he tries to sit down right away.
    1. Cbrugs's Avatar
      Cbrugs -
      I don't think Jax has one. It's pretty tight under what little of a tail he has.
    1. bullmama's Avatar
      bullmama -
      When you say it's tight under a small tail, then there is a good chance there is at least some area that can develop yeast and bacteria, so defiantly investigate!
    1. Alice Kable's Avatar
      Alice Kable -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cbrugs View Post
      I don't think Jax has one. It's pretty tight under what little of a tail he has.
      Buster clamps his tail down really tight to cover his small tail pocket. The infection is gone now, but it still takes 2 of us to clean the little pocket.
    1. Cbrugs's Avatar
      Cbrugs -
      Jax let me do a thorough inspection and I don't think he has one. I thought there was space under his tail but there actually isn't. Hopefully I'm right but I'll be on the alert if anything seems to give him any issues.
    1. Kris Thomas LaBounty's Avatar
      Kris Thomas LaBounty -
      I am so glad to know Sergeant isn't the only one who clamps that stub down. It's so strong you can't pry it up. When ever he eats something he shouldn't and gets a little string and we have to pull it out he actually growls and nips. He's quite serious about keeping his private part private.
    1. Jakeyjake's Avatar
      Jakeyjake -
      Great info. thanks so much. Stella's little nub is off to the side and very small. Jake definitely has a lil tail pocket that covers his bum, but I can lift it enought to get in there to clean it.
    1. mhuinker's Avatar
      mhuinker -
      Great info! Leo doesn't have a tail pocket, he has a tail dimple.... barely there and just a bump of a tail!
      Molly on the other hand.... she has a doozy of a pocket! And a tight little curled tail.
    1. Spartans Bordeauxs's Avatar
      Spartans Bordeauxs -
      Thanks for the info. I literally felt like I just wrastled a crocodile to check for a tail pocket, he wasn’t going to have any of that! Thanks for the education and new information. After winning the struggle, no pocket, and his booty is in good shape. He is looking at me a little like ugh mom, you surf the net then you go checking my butt... what’s up with that huh?
    1. Cjcarol's Avatar
      Cjcarol -
      Great information. We are picking up our pup in a week or so. I had no idea. I know frenchies need more care. I need to know more of what other care(daily or weekly) I need to stay on top of for my puppy,Banjo.