Arya is looking for the peanut butter to her jelly. The lid to her pot. The peas to her carrots. She is a highly selective dog who knows what she wants and SNORT is working diligently to find her the perfect forever home.
A one-year-old French bulldog, Arya has the cuteness and energy of a typical puppy, but she can’t be placed in just any home. Arya is very much a dominant personality who must go to a pet-free, child-free home, preferably one with one to two adults. She has guarding tendencies and does not react well to unknown situations — her anxiety escalates, and she becomes nervous which sometimes causes her to lash out due to fear.
She is a very smart little girl, though, who has learned commands to help de-escalate her reactions in unknown or chaotic situations. Arya is also on twice-daily Prozac which must be continued upon adoption. She has made great strides since settling in with her foster family but she still requires a very specific home and environment.
Fortunately, Arya loves to play and go for walks which helps her burn any nervous energy or anxiety she has. She loves to chew on her Nylabones and her stuffies like any typical puppy! She adores a good game of fetch with her toys but also loves to sit on the couch with her humans watching the world go by outside the window.
Her new owner(s) must be familiar with guarding behaviors and be a firm but not aggressive leader. Arya responds well to training but not aggression so there’s a fine line to be walked!
Her foster family has avoided using the crate so that she doesn’t become territorial but because she’s housetrained, there isn’t a need for one anyway! Physically, Arya is a super healthy girl with no concerns that need to be addressed. She’d love a family where someone is home all day but it isn’t required. She also wouldn’t argue against a mid-day check-in, but a dog walker must be carefully introduced to her.
Arya will reward her forever family with love and affection; she just has to find that perfect family. SNORT knows that perfect home is out there somewhere and will take as much time as necessary to ensure it’s found.

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How To Adopt:

Please view the adoption process and fill out an application at their website ---> snortrescue.org

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