Oh Fiona. How does one describe such a tarte of a girl? We think Fiona would best be described as a sweet and sassy senior.
She is spunky for a 12 year old gal and doesn’t know she is 12 – so let’s keep it that way. (She would be quick to point out – Don’t you know its rude to ask a lady’s age?).
She likes to play with balls and she is a bit of an acrobat as well! She will occasionally show off her senior jumping skills (when she has an audience of course). She is just as happy being mellow with you by her side, though.
Fiona can be a little bit of a diva at times. She can be bossy or demanding when she wants something. (Ummm she is a French Bulldog after all.) She will bark when she wants to come in from outside. (“Personally, one would think that is a good thing to be clear and concise about one’s needs” – says Fiona)
Fiona would do fine as a single pet or with other pets in the home, preferably dogs that wouldn’t be constantly jumping all over her like a puppy or high energy dog. Someone more mature but submissive. Fiona will let other dogs know that she is the BOSS! After she feels she has established the pecking order (she on top) in the pack, then she is fine with other dogs.
Fiona has a huge dislike for going to the Vet’s office. Then again, we don’t know too many humans that look forward to going to the Doctor, do you? Her foster family reports that Fiona would try and nip basically any Vet tech or Vet that tried to touch her. She needed to be muzzled for the whole appointment. She did have double ear infections at that time, so her foster family thinks because she didn’t feel well, could have been the reason for her un-lady like behavior. But just to be clear — she doesn’t like going to the vet.
Fiona appears to be pee pad trained but has been able to sleep through the night without any need to use the facilities. Sometimes she uses her pee pad during the day and other times she holds it for outside. Her foster family leaves a pee pad down at all times just because of her age. The more settled and comfortable she is, the more likely she will just keep holding it and pee outside all the time.
Overall Fiona is laid back and enjoys tummy rubs, being spoiled, watching Netflix or Animal Planet (but not the vet show) basically anything that involves snuggling or being the center of attention. She loves to eat and nap a little during the day. (Wouldn’t we all?). She also enjoys puttering around the backyard when your outside doing yard work. (Just don’t expect her to help.) Fiona would do great with a retiree or someone who works from home, but she can be slow to warm up to men. Since she was reactive toward the vet, we wouldn’t recommend her with young children.
Before coming to SNORT, Fiona only knew one home her whole 12 years of life. She was left at a boarding facility by her owner to never be picked up again due to life changing circumstances. It will take Fiona a week or two to feel comfortable in her new environment so you will need to be patient while she adjusts to another new home. Once she is settled she is a cream puff! She deserves a loving home and someone with French Bulldog experience would be ideal as all of these descriptions of Fiona’s personality are actually quite typical.
In conclusion – Fiona wants you to know – She is number one. She is spunky but mellow. She hates the Vet’s office. She loves balls and bones. She likes to snuggle. She hates the Vet’s office. She wants to be around you all the time. Do you want to be around her all the time too?

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