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There is just something about Frenchies. We went on a trip for Thanksgiving visiting my in-laws who have some mutt dog, and my sis in laws miniature something were there, but our Bella was not. They are both cute but as we took them for walks every night my hubs and I talked about how much our Bella loves people, wants to get to know them and her faces and personality make you smile so big! The other dogs just didn't have that. There is something about a French Bulldog!!!

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I have been around many many dogs, since I work with our local animal shelter. I have two rescues (a boxer mix and golden ret. mix) and I can truly say, personality wise frenchies are a breed all their own! All of my dogs have different personalities which is something I love... BUT I do have to say there is nothing in the world more rewarding then taking home a homeless dog, regardless of breed.
That is why I love this site too, we promote the re-homing and adopting of frenchies who need a new family I am definitely an advocate for adopting when possible, but I do love my purebred frenchie (which I purchased from a breeder).