Let's see...my ideal home would be one where I can learn to be the best version of me. I may be 5 years old, but I still have some puppy in me. I wasn't permitted to be a puppy in my last home so I have to make up for lost time.* I like to chew like a puppy so my new parents will need to break me of this habit.* I'm not quite house trained like I should be at my age so that will need some work as well.* I'm partying right now because I'm finally free!!
I am very much a cuddle bug and I love nothing more than sleeping on the couch with my person.* I love to give kisses and I would like to sleep in my person's bed with them at night so I can get as much time with them as possible.* I do like to play and run around.* I get the zoomies on occasion so I having a fenced in yard would be great for me so I can get some of this energy out.* I'm not a big fan of going for walks on the leash though.* My foster mom and I don't make it very far when she tries to force me to exercise.**
My foster mom says I have a little bit of an attitude at time since I complain when I have to go into my crate, but that only means that she's leaving and I won't get to spend time with her.* She also says I don't like to be watched when I go potty and that's why I haven't been successful in my house training journey.* But what can I say?* It's a private matter to be done in private.* I'll get there eventually.
The best thing about me are the black patches on my face!* They make my eyebrows look like Charlie Chaplin (hence my name) and the best part is they don't need waxed or tweezed! I can high maintenance in many other aspects of my daily life, but grooming isn't one of them.
I sure hope you've enjoyed reading about me.* I hope my forever family is out there and ready to take me on!

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