Adoption fee: $500
Location: Austin area
Sweet Summer has made her way on over to the available page. She came to SMRS as a stray hiding in a dirt hole. How is that even possible?!

Summer arrived in rescue with a few issues. She had a giant bladder stone that had to be surgically removed and grade 4 luxating patellas on both knees. She has since had both knees fixed. She does get a cranberry chew once a day for bladder health, dasaquin once a day for joints and eats a RX bladder diet. These items help to support her urinary health and joints. Besides that, the normal medication to keep away the parasites (heartworms). Otherwise there is some monitoring that needs to take place for items that could become a problem. Since she had the bladder stone it could recur so monitoring her urinary health is a must.

Summer has not previously lived with children. Should there be children in the forever home that she is looking for, they should be dog-savvy and old enough to understand that they should be gentle with her. Frenchies are almost irresistible to children, who love to pick them up, and Summer just can't risk being dropped. Cats are unknown, but we feel her personality would not be to chase a cat. Summer would do fine with other dogs in the house. It should be noted that since she is a mellow*lady and accustomed to her ways, any future fur siblings would need to be of similar size to avoid injuring her. In true female Frenchie fashion, Summer likes to boss around other dogs around when it comes to toys! So her fur siblings should be fine with her occasionally calling the shots.

Summer is a low key lady who likes to lounge around. She will come for ear rubs and prance to the door to meet you. She has warmed up to lying in bed and snuggling with her humans. She LOVES toys, nylabones and is a lady who loves her treats and food. Summer is not one for long walks because of her knees and would prefer a fenced yard to roam a bit. *Summer is house broken and should be taken out regularly because of her previous bladder issues.

The ideal home for Summer would be one in which someone was home that could take her out multiple times a day. A first time Frenchie owner would be just fine, as she is an easy dog apart from her daily outings she enjoys. Summer could do well in any type of home, but would prefer to have one with not a lot of stairs unless she can be carried down them. She could adjust to being an office dog as long as she would get out frequently.

If you think that you can provide Summer all of the things her sweet heart desires, then all you need to do is fill out an application and be ready to pick her up if you are selected. She'd love nothing more than to provide someone with sweet Frenchie snuggles.

How To Adopt:

Please view the adoption process and fill out an application at their website ---> shortmugsrescuesquad.org

To view more available Frenchies from this rescue, click this link ---> Short Mugs Rescue Squad

Thank you for considering adoption for your next family fur-mate!

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