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Thread: Frenchie pup with big attitude problems!

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    Re: Frenchie pup with big attitude problems!

    Does Bruno do this food too?

    I idea is to give Bruno something yummy.. YES that's right. I know it sounds like a reward.

    What you do give Bruno something he really likes!!!!! I mean REALLY likes. Have your husband offer to Bruno Do this for awhile and then progress.

    Where you husband can sit next to you and then offer the treat.

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    Re: Frenchie pup with big attitude problems!

    Quote Originally Posted by Scalawag View Post
    Well, this will be my last update. Bruno's demodex was fully treated, neutered, vaccinated and things continued to decline. He went from attacking my husband to getting into fights with my deutsch drahthaar (a very large dog) about 3 times per day, sometimes I was able to see that a fight was going to break out and diffuse the situation but most of the time I was not. Bruno received several minor bites and a few that were pretty bad but none that required a vet visit. I myself was bit twice by my drahthaar while trying to break up fights. It's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but in the end I had to re-home Bruno for his own safety. Writing this is so hard, I miss him so much, he was such a special dog to me and I loved him dearly. I just pray that his next family loves him as much as I do.
    I feel so terrible for you. I know it couldn't have been an easy decision. The poor little guy had such a rough start in life before you got him - hopefully, he finds a home where he is an only dog (and maybe man-free), so he's less likely to act out.

    My thoughts are with you.

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    Re: Frenchie pup with big attitude problems!

    I feel your pain. I had to rehome an English Bulldog once. He was 3 years old and went from being a loving brother and companion to our other dog to picking fights all of the time. It was the hardest thing to do but it was best for all.

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    Re: Frenchie pup with big attitude problems!

    Thank you so much for taking on little bruno he may have PTSD from the trauma he suffered from that man it may be why he lashes out at your Husband . If you can track down a dog behaviorist and neurologist I suggest it.
    Also getting any frenchies from Ukraine / Russia that region is not a good idea . They treat the animals as products that can be sold , disposed of , and worse they are sentinet beings not products to make money. I was so angry yesterday I saw a facebok post in a frenchie group A Ukranian/ Russian person was trying to sell a PREGNANT FEMALE WHO IS PREGNANT WITH 5 PUPPIES they apparently are going to ship her and everything if somebody buys her the price is like 8,000 dollars . I have seen a ridiculous amount of posts like that from russia / ukraine that area to them its a business not betterment of the breed .
    Sorry rant over just angry
    and I hope everything goes well Bruno

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