Name: Angus
Location: Parkersburg, West Virginia

Age: 2 years old
Gender: Neutered Male
Weight: 20 lbs.
Color: Brindle

Health Concerns: Angus has mild allergies; he sometimes needs a Benadryl after being outside because of itchy paws and a runny nose.

Does Angus like kids? Because Angus has a bite history, he will not be placed in a home with children.
Does Angus like cats? No.
Does Angus like other dogs? Angus has a fear response to dogs when he first meets them, but with a slow and positive introduction, a dog his size would help keep this boy busy.

Personality and Activity Level: Angus is still very much a puppy. He loves to run and play in the yard. This is a French Bulldog that loves to play fetch. Angus has the biggest smile you will ever see when you are playing with him. Angus also enjoys the company of another dog, and this helps him get rid of some of his energy. He loves daily walks. After a day’s play, Angus will find a spot on your lap to curl up while you read or watch TV. He also loves to curl up in the bean bag chair and chew on his Nylabone.

What are the dog’s favorite toys or things to do? Nylabones, Kong filled with honey or peanut butter, lying on the couch with his family after play.

Housebroken? Yes.
Crate trained? yes
Has Angus had any training? Yes he knows basic commands, is excellent on a leash. He is very treat driven.

Does Angus have any temperament issues? See below.

Bite history: In his first home there is one report of a bite at the vet’s office while he was being bathed. Then he began to act out by in his new home once he was adopted. In his current foster home Angus has not bitten.

Triggers for aggression: Angus loves to meet people but does not trust an unfamiliar person to pick him up, so this can trigger fear aggression. He loves to be petted by anyone. Unfamiliar dogs scare him. With slow introduction Angus plays and interacts well with other dogs.

Necessary precautions: Angus responds well to food rewards, and rewarding him for good behavior will help to develop a strong relationship. He needs firm boundaries so he knows where he stands and sees you as his leader. When he knows where he stands, this keeps his fear in check. He should be introduced to other dogs slowly.

Shipping: No
Cost to Acquire: 500.00

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