Name: Bernie
Location: Beramsville, Ontario, Canada

Age: 3 years old
Gender: Neutered Male
Weight: 26 lbs.
Color: Brindle with a distinctive white collar.

Health Concerns: He has allergies, he was on Prednisone until the snow came, and he is on Prescription Z/D for food allergies. It seems to be the only food that doesn’t give him diarrhea and itchy feet (including raw).

His tear ducts pop in and out (cherry eye). They are in most of the time, but when he is playing they sometimes pop out and a quick rub alongside his eye pops them back in.

Does Bernie like kids? He loves all people, big and small. He is very high energy and plays rough though, so we would recommend no children under 12 years.
Does Bernie like cats? We don’t know if he has ever been with cats. He is prey driven, so we would not recommend cats.
Does Bernie like other dogs? He is great with the resident smaller dogs. He is nervous of large dogs. He doesn’t trust them and has an “attack before being attacked” attitude.

Personality and Activity Level: Bernie has two speeds, either full out or out cold. He has the high energy of a Boston Terrier. You can throw a ball for hours and he would never get tired. When you are watching T.V. he will be on the couch fast asleep beside you.

What are the dog’s favorite toys or things to do? He LOVES his bones and balls. As long as he is with you he is happy. He hates to be left alone. He is a great retriever and will play fetch all day.

Housebroken? Yes, never had an accident in the house.
Crate trained? He has been in one, but hates it and has major anxiety about it. He poops in the crate he is so upset.
Has Bernie had any training? Yes, his foster home has been working with him and he knows many commands.

Triggers for aggression: Bernie is food aggressive. He gets tied to the kitchen door at meal time and he is okay with it. When he is done he knows to sit and wait for everyone else to finish. When all the bowls are lifted he comes off his leash and all is well. But, if he isn’t on the leash he will try to get into everyone’s bowl to eat theirs and fights ensue.

Shipping: No
Cost to Acquire: 500.00

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