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Dunkin is dog aggressive, so he must remain an only dog. He is allergic to cats so he must never be around them.*

Dunkin has several allergies and must remain on his current diet and have regular medicated baths. He also has a history of skin infections that must be monitored.

Big-hearted Dunkin has rolled on over to the available page, so get your coffee ready and read all about this sweetie. Dunkin was surrendered when his previous family realized they didn't have enough time to devote to him or his training needs. He probably spent most of his time outdoors, presumably eating. While Dunkin has gotten a bit thinner in foster care, at 37 pounds, Dunkin still has some weight loss goals (don't we all?) so his new family should be prepared to watch his portions and exercise him regularly.

Dunkin has several allergies and must remain on his current diet and have regular medicated baths. He also has a history of skin infections that must be monitored. Dunkin is allergic to storage mites found in most dry kibble so he is currently on N & D Venison/Quinoa, which will have to be continued in his new home. He LOVES watermelon and sweet potato as treats.He is also allergic to cats so he can never be around them (no feline friends or temporary visitors), wool, and feathers, so no down comforters, pillows or woolen blankets. He really doesn't mind what other material he is lying on as long as it is close to his humans.*

His fosters soon learned that Dunkin had probably not had much exposure to or socialization with other dogs because he would bark, growl, and lunge at other dogs on walks. His foster family has seen improvement in his reaction to dogs while they have trained him and they will discuss continuing training with you. Tell us about your experience training dogs--especially aggressive dogs--in your application. Due to his aggression toward dogs, he will have to be an only dog, but he won't mind that one bit!*

Dunkin is housebroken and crate trained and knows basic commands like sit, come, and paw. He is also an expert antler chewer as long as he is lying down right next to his human. Dunkin loves going on walks (currently three times a day around the block!) and playing fetch with either his ball or, wait for it, his toy donut! Dunkin would do great in a single-dog, active household and would absolutely love a fenced yard as he really is an active, energetic guy. Consider Dunkin's dog aggression before you apply for him if there are dogs next door or dogs that frequently walk down the sidewalk past the fence. If you have children, the gate should have a lock and a spring closure to prevent Dunkin from escaping. Dunkin has been around kids age 4-10 years old, but he can be rambunctious at times so families with very young children need to take that into account. He has really taken to his foster dad and pretty much follows him everywhere.

While Dunkin loves human attention, he has adapted quite well to being alone at home, so if you're a working family, a midday break would suffice. If you are looking for a dog to take with you to the office, please be aware that Dunkin will probably get up and follow you each and every time you go somewhere. If your boss and customers don't mind a constant doggy shadow, let us know where you work as we might want to apply!

Dunkin's fosters describe him as inquisitive and clever and say, "Dunkin is so, so sweet. He is a great companion and deserves a great home. Dunkin's future forever home family can look forward to a wonderful addition to the family. He will need love, work and attention. We will miss him and his cute little face with the tongue hanging out."

Dunkin is too big to fly. And he doesn't tolerate car rides especially well, panting and acting nervously each time while in the car, so hopefully Dunkin's new forever family is located in the Chicagoland region. If you want a big, adorable snuggle bug in your life, click on his link and be sure to let us know in your application that you are committed to continuing Dunkin's training. He thanks everyone for reading about him and hopes to hear from his future family soon!

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