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Thread: Anal Sacculectomy / Sterlization / Anesthetic freak out

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    Anal Sacculectomy / Sterlization / Anesthetic freak out

    Pips is having a surgery day on he 19th December - a 3 in one due to Frenchie's anesthetic risks :
    • Anal Sacculectomy
    • Sterlization
    • Removal of a little tag on her lip

    I am freaking out! Because of the anesthetic risk, because this won't be performed by our normal vet and the specialist seems very 'business only', because I'm second guessing the need for the Anal Sacculectomy and because of the pain and recovery my poor baby will go through for at least two weeks after.

    Has anyone here had Frenchies who have had any of the surgeries??? Please can you provide some insight into the after surgery part and success?

    She needs to be steralized as per her breeder & daycare contract but the lip tag is purely cosmetic (although it will be sent for testing). Her butt leaks almost daily as she has never been able to naturally express but I haven't seen her scooting for a couple of weeks. I know this is just my worry getting the better of me as I know she is uncomfortable and also seems embarrassed when she leaks, on top of the removal being her vet's recommendation, but I am second guessing the need for removal.

    Please tell me about your experiences with these 3 surgeries and your Frenchies on anesthetic in general

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    Re: Anal Sacculectomy / Sterlization / Anesthetic freak out

    I understand your worry about having Pippa go under anesthesia.
    We have had frenchies and Pekes spayed and neutered without incidence.
    Our pug went under for a tooth removal and teeth cleaning. No problems whatsoever. (Yes we love the smush faces)
    Having a vet that you feel good about is important. It helps to ease your nerves....some.
    You will still worry. You are not alone.
    We have been fortunate to have had and currently have a vet that is very knowledgeable about the "bully" breeds.
    Having said that, we still worry when they've had to go under.
    What is amazing is how quickly these little guys rebound from surgery. They are amazing.
    Sending good thoughts to you and Pippa.

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    Re: Anal Sacculectomy / Sterlization / Anesthetic freak out

    Your worry is warranted since this is not your normal vet , my guy has been through many surgeries (about 5) without any issues at all. all of his recoveries .. the hardest was keeping him calm during the recovery period. After one day of 'rest', he was up and ready to run, jump and play within 48 hours.

    We will be sending lots of positive thoughts to you all on the day of surgery. please keep us posted.

    my sweet angel babies
    Nitschke 2004-2011 and Banks 2005-2014

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    Re: Anal Sacculectomy / Sterlization / Anesthetic freak out

    Is there a date by which you are required to get her spayed? If you are unsure if she really needs surgery for the anal gland issues, is there harm in waiting? Based on your other thread, and all the allergy issues that she's been having, as well, I'd look into putting her on a raw, grain free (possibly starch free) diet. I'd just want to try that before heading into surgery.

    That's probably not what you wanted to hear, and probably why I'm still shopping around for a vet. I just think too many push these "quick fix" solutions to address the symptom, rather than trying to find out what the underling issue is. Not sure I'd trust the opinion of a vet that would push that "prescription" food on a dog. (Sorry, combining threads).

    Anyway, it sounds to me like she has bad autoimmune issues. Maybe all her issues are related to an unhealthy gut.

    Worry is normal, but if you don't feel right about the anal gland surgery, I would do some more research, if time is not a huge issue.

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