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Thread: Car sick

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    Re: Car sick

    Quote Originally Posted by winginit66 View Post
    more surfing info:
    Motion sickness in dogs occurs for the same reason as it does in humans: the movement of the vehicle over-stimulates the inner ear, which controls balance. Like humans, it affects younger dogs more than older ones, as their balance has not fully developed yet. Puppies that get motion sickness often outgrow it. Good news!!! (I thing Jax is still a puppy?)
    What I've been reading says try sitting with them in a non-moving car, then progress to short trips, try rolling window down for fresh cool air (or use A/C).

    I hope something helps! I would be super upset if Gidget couldn't ride w/ me!
    Yes, he is only 6 months so I really, really hope he does outgrow it. I usually do roll the windows down so he gets fresh air, I bought him a booster seat so he is up high and can see out the windows, I've tried putting him in the front seat. Nothing works. In the summer I did give him Dramamine when we went on a road trip and he didn't get sick but he slept the whole time. I don't want to give him Dramamine for short car rides. Benadryl was suggested and I did some research on that and it is not supposed to make them as groggy as Dramamine so I will give that a try as well. My vet suggested the same thing about just sitting in the car, then sitting in the car and turn the engine on, then go around the block, etc. I know that will take some time and hopefully it works because I would love to take Jax on more car rides but it just breaks my heart seeing him get so sick!

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    Re: Car sick

    I get car/air/boat sick & have my entire life. Like suggested by Anne, a/c or fresh air, front seat, small meal eaten before hand all help.

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