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@Mavis I would have been all over that vet, that is unacceptable. Definitely find a new vet, preferably one that specializes in Frenchies. So happy your girl is doing better. I didn't think about her teeth, I know when a pup is teething, their ears will go down, then back up after.
Thanks, David.

I have tried to find a vet who specializes in frenchies. Every time I call a new practice and ask, the reaction has always been somewhat chilly. Their vets are "all" equipped to deal with any veterinary issue from any breed. I really get the impression that they think I am being elitist for having such an expensive breed and even asking the question. (We paid $600 for Bambi as a retired breeder, not that we wouldn't have paid the going rate.) We live in a pretty progressive area, too, of about 750,000 people. There are many vets here, but this last time, we chose one on the more affluent side of town, thinking that they would have the best and most progressive vets and equipment. The place is huge, although we can request the same vet and they have always gotten us in within a couple of days, which I appreciate. It is pretty unusual to see a frenchie around here, but I have seen several at this place while waiting with one of our dogs. Luckily, Bambi is stable now and seems to be in good health. I will continue to research and see if I can find a good general vet who knows brachies before she may need care immediately.