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  • I LOVE to see everyone's babies. They are just the most adorable things. John and I marvel at Bambi every day; she is so cute and such a dear little dog!

    Unfortunately, we are getting the heat - and humidity. It is stifling and very unpleasant. We are in the midst of a severe drought as well. It wants to rain, but when it does, it's only for 5-10 minutes and then the sun comes out and the humidity is worse. I'm thinking it will break in the next couple of weeks.

    Have a good week!
    This forum is the bomb - everyone is great and I love the pictures of the frenchies. This breed is just the best.

    Already purchasing stuff for the Secret Santa. :D

    Hope it is a beautiful day where you are. Smooches to the pooches!
    Thanks, 2bullymama - I love to laugh and bust-up, so this was a fun thread. Cheli really is one of my particular favorites - that face and little body! Love the brindles. So many nice people on this forum; I really love it. Always hope that people don't take my humor the wrong way. I never mean anything snarky by what I say. Thanks for the rep.! Hope you are having a great week!
    Thanks, 2bullymama; I just found your message today - sorry! I'm using an older computer we have and it seems to be okay. Not sure why we stopped using it (?). We don't have the turbo internet, just the $14.99 one. It's a lot slower than I would like.
    Oh, poor girl. Sometimes you just wish they could talk. She must not have been in pain or she'd have shown it. Rest in peace, Banks.
    Christine, I am so sorry to hear of Bank's passing. I am sitting here bawling and truly feeling your pain. I don't know the circumstances, but just knowing she is pain free is good. Rest in peace, pretty Banks.
    I thought of you guys earlier! I was updating the frechies for adoption at FBRN and there is a little female frenchie being fostered in Michigan....named Chelios. So cute!
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