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    Happy Thanksgiving 2022

    Handsome boys! Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Luxating Patella help Tacoma area

    Not sure what vet(s) you currently see but I know people that see Dr. Pam at All Creatures in Puyallup. There’s also South Hill in Puyallup. If you don’t mind traveling, there is Dr. Tweed in north Seattle. I know a lot of Frenchie people go see her and will travel from the south end. VCA in...
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    Jason, Brandee and Sid.

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    Puppies' ears not popping up

    It could take a bit longer to pop up. I have heard you can try some plain yogurt to help.
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    Golden Retriever Girlfriend.

    Yes, totally normal. I have 2 males that are neutered and when my female is in heat, it still drives them crazy.
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    Alternative medication

    Prednisone is fine short term but I wouldn't do it long term. The best thing would be to find out exactly what the allergies are and if they are environmental or food related or both. Have you seen a dermatologist?
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    Henry/new member

    Have you had a fecal test done to test for parasites?
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    Help with my puppy drinking more water

    Raw fed dogs generally drink way less water…totally normal. Sometimes mine don’t drink any water at all for days unless they’ve been running/playing hard.
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    5m old girl Frenchie giving us a hard time :)

    Did she pee while on the walk? You could have her check for a UTI to see if that is causing an issue. But puppies do need a lot of consistency and praise while potty training and mine usually "got it" around 5 - 6 months but some can very well take longer.
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    5m old girl Frenchie giving us a hard time :)

    I guess my first question is why is she "living in a crate" as you say? Like, that is where she spends her time? I personally do not think that is any way for a dog to live. Being crated trained is one thing but "living" in a crate is totally different. And being only 5 months old, she is not...
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    Hi my name is clover

    Welcome to you and Clover!
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    Adding a third - sex ratio??

    I have a male Frenchie (9), male bulldog (5) and a female bulldog (almost 3). My two males are both neutered. I like this combo but if I added in a 4th, I would get another female at this point because I think my boys would get along better with one.
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    Opinions needed about puppy

    Lots of red flags. Good luck in your search.
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    Opinions needed about puppy

    I don’t think he’s a full Frenchie and if he is, he’s not a well bred one. I personally would not buy this this dog. $1600 is not the cost of a well bred Frenchie from a responsible breeder.
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    Opinions needed about puppy

    Do you have a picture? Not the typical Frenchie price because it seems too low or too high? I would be wary of anyone charging too low of a price on a Frenchie puppy and especially if it’s mixed with another breed. At the end of the day, a mixed breed is a mutt regardless of whatever fancy name...
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    looking for studys on neutering

    Yes, it is usually best to wait as their growth plates are still growing at 6 months old.
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    Raw and kibble questions

    Mix together in a meal. There was a Facebook post about it with an article.
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    Raw and kibble questions

    Not mixing raw and kibble are more old school thought. Unless your dog has digestive issues, it’s usually fine. I don’t know if you follow Rodney Habib or Dr. Karen Becker, but they both agree that the two can be mixed. I know a few people that mix with no issues.
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    Peeing inappropriately

    He can be regressing back which is not uncommon for them to do. Go back to the basics with the potty training and start over like you did at the beginning...consistency, high value treats, praise, etc. Louie probably started marking in the house around 10 months or so but that doesn't mean it...
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    hey im new here just wanted to introduce my self...

    Welcome! We’d love to see photos of Millie.