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    Sounds like a normal Frenchie to me.... totally attention seekers and clowns with a BIG ego
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    Nighttime Troubles

    FWIW -- it took my guy 2 full years to get it! It truly is patience and consistency. Also, if you are nervous, upset or anxious... he will pick up on that an not be able to focus on potty.... he is focused on your energy. try to be calm and patent. i know it is hard, but I think it is...
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    Agree -- check for a tail pocket or her anal glands might be full and need expression. What food are you feeding?
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    Hello from Baltimore

    Welcome to EBN! So very sorry for your loss, Charlie was absolutely adorable
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    Saving the flat-faced breed -article

    Haven't read it yet, but thought it would be a good share.
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    Lymphoma information

    3/10 update - last weekend was a rough one – his white blood count dropped, basically bottomed out. He ad a fever of 106, we got it down to 102.9 with a cool bath and ice packs, but within 30 minutes of being out , it shot back up to 105.9. we jumped in car to ER, he spent the night and we...
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    What Color is My French Bulldog’s Mask?

    looks like it might be a black mask.
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    Hi my name is clover

    it is hard to see in the picture, but since he is under a year.. I would have the vet check it to see if it could be puppy warts or it might be a hysto-thingy @Cbrugs knows the right/real word, but if it is the hysto-thingy - it is harmless and they body will reabsorb it over a few weeks
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    Agree -- you can feed everyday, but it is highly recommended and really good to rotate proteins
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    Lymphoma information

    2/10 update – new protocol, called MVPP. On 2/1 Lambeau received a portion of this protocol to see how he would respond to it. Our oncologist did not want Beau have the experience he did with the Tanovea so we took this new protocol in two steps. 2/1 was two of the three drugs and then a recheck...
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    Lymphoma information

    1/15 update -- so the short of it, us being so overwhelmed, exhausted an plain brain numb- neither me nor Lewis picked up on or remembered what the side effects of the Tanovea were.... sigh! It turns out every issue we were experiencing with Beau over the last two -three weeks was a side...
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    My name is Link and umm...

    Smart little devils! lol
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    New here.

    I have no clue what color but he is adorable and I love the name
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    Lincoln is almost 5 months and into everything

    @Cbrugs I think that is why GOD made babies (human and animals ) so adorable.... because you can't get mad at that cuteness!:LOL:
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    To Spay or not to Spay?

    When you do decide to spay/neuter... let the female do at least one heat cycle before spay and let the male get to be at least 1 year old
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    Welcome to FBN
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    Frenchie allergy

    As @Cbrugs stated... there are other options than steroids to help that are more safe. Food is trail and error, try to avoid chicken as it tends to be an issue for bully breeds. You can do testing, not 100% accurate but gives a good base line to start with but you have to be sure the pet is...
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    Another episode

    Happy to hear you have answers to what is happening.... sending healing prayers o your little guy!
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    growth on jowl

    Yes ^^^^ this -- histo-thingy as I refer to it (giggle)! The body will reabsorb it. @cajun blue
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    The moments you are just grateful for

    love it! they are the best cuddling with... Cheli always has to be touching me