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  1. 2bullymama

    Eye infection not clearing up

    I believe it is prescription based
  2. 2bullymama

    Hugo & Maple checking in

    Wow! They look fantastic… thanks for the updated pictures
  3. 2bullymama

    Hi all

    Welcome to FBN! So adorable
  4. 2bullymama

    Eye infection not clearing up

    Sorry for delay…. Neo poly Bac Opthalmic and Biohance ocular repair gel
  5. 2bullymama

    Help in choosing the right Frenchie!

    Welcome to FBN…. Congratulations on your new family member
  6. 2bullymama

    New Guy Here

    Welcome to FBN
  7. 2bullymama

    Eye infection not clearing up

    Cheli gets eye infections, but the few times, they clear up within a week. Our vet always gives two different drops when it happens, I don’t have any on hand but I’ll see if I still have the invoice with the names of them
  8. 2bullymama

    How to make your dog love their harness or collar?

    I never had this issue sorry no insight…. I can’t even say the word as Cheli goes bananas for walks and rides.
  9. 2bullymama

    New here hiii!!!

    Welcome to FBN!
  10. 2bullymama

    Off food

    How much are you feeding and how many times a day?
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    @Cbrugs .. please move to junk or delete… duplicate post
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    Available Pancake Tortoise for sale

    @Cbrugs please ban
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    Burmese Brown Mountain Tortoise...

    @Cbrugs … please ban
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    Potentially suffering with IVDD

    No additional insight … wishing all the best
  15. 2bullymama

    Eating issues

    I never heard of these food brands… are you in Canada or UK?
  16. 2bullymama

    Nail trimming

    I cut the quick once and never did them again after that. Our first bulldog, Nitschke was the sweetest dog ever in the world… when he cried due to that, I never did them again , was the worst sound. I take the boys once a month to a groomer just for Drexel trim
  17. 2bullymama


    Cheli took two full years to house train.. he would poo outside no problem, but pee… was a nightmare. And, he tries to eat toads…. Try prying their jaws open when one is in their mouth… foam and saliva spilling out and the toad is frozen, afraid to move… thank goodness
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    Hello from me And Zia

    Welcome to FBN!
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    @Rusty’s Owner … I also worked at a dog daycare for four years, same for us, it being in PA, they had to have an up to date rabies shot. The state would random come in to check that we had shot documents for attending dogs.
  20. 2bullymama

    Bald spot

    Welcome to FBN. I agree, food is not working for your baby. Get on a good high quality kibble or feed raw. Add a probiotic to help strengthen immune system, fresh sauerkraut, keifer, raw goats milk, or herbsmith microflora