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Hi Thanks! I love learning tips about my Frenchie! just having a hard time choosing flea and tick many options out there and also different meds and routes......he is on a heartworm med already..
What’s your opinion on grain-free vs grain dog food? During Beau’s visit today, the vet recommended I moved from Zignature to a grain food I.e. Purina Pro, Iams, Hills or etc. Tell me what you have been feeding your fur buddies. Thanks!
Thanks for writing me back!! New to this sight obviously, and happy to meet some New French Bully friends since I have left Face Book.
Annie is my rescue 11 year old French Bulldog who was used for breeding out in Loveland, CO. Adopted her when she was around age 5 (vet’s opinion). She has been the Best Pal and Family Member!!! Blessed that she Saved Us too. We Live in Michigan now.
Have a wonderful rest of your day!!
Annie�� and Sarah
Hi, I’d like to se if I can get some advice for my Frenchie. She has a bump on her jowls. It is pretty solid.Not a wart but it looks pretty ugly to look at. I’m overall confused with this site.
Hi I made a post...can you advice me where else to post. i haven't had any response. thank you
Hi! Sorry for the delayed response! You should be able to go to "My Account" and "Edit Profile", on the left sidebar, there are options for editing your profile photo. Let us know if you have any issues. Thank you and welcome!
Thank you. I am most interested in finding out about health issues/challenges and how to care for my Frenchie.
Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for welcoming me! I am super excited to join this group. I have a 9 month Frenchie and was looking for a group to join for any questions that I have.
My frenchie is losing weight and has all of the dymptoms of Addisons Disease. Has any members had a good outvome of treatment that worked for their dog. I fear the worst for my little dog. She is now 7 kilos

Hey Lisa , do you mind recommending me to which vet you brought your Frenchies too for the airway surgery etc... I would gladly appreciate it . Thanks ps. I’m located in north jersey