Introducing a second Frenchie to the home

Jan 5, 2022

We are new to the group and hoping to get some guidance from Frenchie experts. We have a Frenchie that just turned four who we got through an informal rescue 3 years ago. She was with a family through a mutual friend in a Pitbull breeder home. She was a little underweight and had dry skin, but we've had zero health issues with her since.

for first 1.5 years we had no aggression issues, but she got bit in the year at a boarding facility and we noticed a change in behavior after. The, separation anxiety increased with us working from home. She's pretty chill but any sudden movements when she's resting makes her on edge, she hates feet, and she has some resource guarding issues that have gotten way better. Also, she doesn't like when people pet her for long periods of time

We brought her to a 3 week boot camp that helped tremendously. She's played with many family and friend's dogs in the past and has been fine for the most part, and we think the issue is with people.

We found a family who wants to surrender their Frenchie because they are back to work, their kid is at school and they are gone 14 hours a day working in the medical field. We want to at least give it a try as we have always wanted two.

We see a risk with previous aggression, but we also see a benefit in Rizzie having a friend. Has anyone had a similar scenario or does anyone have any advice?



May 12, 2018
Hi [MENTION=4686]TheFarmsteadFrenchie[/MENTION]

If I am understanding your post correctly, the issues are mostly with people petting her too much and something to do with feet and fast movements? She plays and interacts nicely with other dogs? If that is the case, acquiring another Frenchie would be beneficial IMO for myraid reasons, but especially for companionship if you have seen that she has developed separation anxiety. Even though her resource guarding has improved, I would recommend feeding the dogs separately at all times, including treating and giving bones, etc....too.

Make sure you introduce on neutral territory as well, such as a park or quiet street. Keep us updated!


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Apr 6, 2013
Very important to do neutral location on leash introduction and then take for a walk so they can get aquatinted.

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Apr 6, 2013
I agree that another would be good for her, but as [MENTION=2]2bullymama[/MENTION] said, do a neutral introduction and then take for a walk before going into the house.