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  • Sorry, I am just seeing this! Have not been on the PC in a while and do not see VM's on phone. yes, the forum is great -- good to have a place to go and exchange information, support and help each other --- and of course, LOVE on all the babies. I also, shop all year for Secret Santa -- never know if you'll see the same thing later on :) I hope you are not getting the same heat we are --- it has been horribly hot here that last two weeks
    Lol! I'm definitely still learning things everyday on the forum as well! I'm so happy to have found you guys you've been such a big help and I love seeing all the cute babies! Totally makes me want more!
    I am so sorry, I just saw this! (I almost never come on the forum on my computer!) From what I hear Lulu has recovered..the crappy breeder is now "deciding" if she wants to breed her (my eyes just rolled so hard they almost fell out of my head. I hate people) or sell her. So, she has recovered but unfortunately I'm not sure what her real quality of life will be depending on where she ends up :/
    I am picking her up on Saturday when I get off work at noon. It will take about an hour to get there. I have waited so long and I can't believe it's almost here. It's like I'm adopting a child! My whole family is going to spoil her rotten!
    Just found out that I'm getting her next weekend! The puppy looks just like her. I'm so excited I will probably end up crying before the week is over. I'm already squealing and having a hard time controlling my excitment..
    I don't know the date yet. I told the breeder to get in touch with me when it was time. I didn't want to keep bugging her. Well, I wanted to but I knew I shouldn't lol. She only had one pup and it's totally adorable! She is over 4 weeks old now and is eating some puppy food as well as still nursing. According to the breeder Twiggy was sick of being a Mom over a week ago so I don't know how much longer they can get her to nurse. She told me that as soon as the pup was weaned, I could take her home. SO excited!
    Bambi is adorable, so I can see how you would be crazy over her! That little face in your profile pictures is just too much. They won't be spaying our girl before we get her. She doesn't like to do it during the c section, so we will spay her at the Veterinary hospital where I work a couple months after she comes to stay with us. Normally she would make the adopting family bring her back to her Veterinarian for the surgery but since I work at a hospital she said it would be fine for us to do it there. I expect her to be a little thin because of the nursing but she has a tendancy to stay on the fat side so I don't think she will be too bad. The breeder is fantastic and REALLY loves all of her dogs. So, I feel really good about that.
    She is due in about a week. I will get her as soon as the puppies are weaned. She tries to get them to nurse for 7 weeks at least, but she said that Twiggy is way tired of them by 4 weeks so they are lucky to get her to nurse them for 6 weeks or so. I am more way more excited than any normal person would be LOL.
    I'm apparently just as bad as replying... Ha!

    Yes, these little ones are just irresistible, but can cause so much worry and panic! Luckily I've never had a hunger strike... Even with the problems we had with Titan!

    I can't believe it's already been 6 straight months of that mess with him! But we called the vet to get his follow up sample results because we couldn't wait til the end of the day to see if they never call (no news is good news) and they are still negative 2 weeks later! Gosh, 3 months of sleeping on the couch, a bitter cold winter walking him at all hours of the night and morning because I refused to not try to best to potty train him to go outside, and then just constant medicine routines, etc... I am so glad it's over it feels like a bad dream! But he is so worth it! I love my little Fate! (I call him Fate Fate Su! He even has a song, as everything in this house does!)

    Hope Bambi is feeling better by now! :happy:
    I literally cannot get over how adorable Bambi is! Demanding another photoshoot & share! :yes4:
    Go to Best Buy "Greek Squad'... my sister went yesterday and for 180$ she got a new 1TB hard drive, Windows 8 and they cleaned up the laptop... runs like new
    Just check your inbox for a personal message, once you have read all your messages those will disappear :)
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