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  • I hope that you are responding well to treatments, and that better days are coming soon! I know that big ol' stubborn bulldog is waiting happily for you whenever you return home between treatments.
    Sad to see you've fallen off the map! Hope you come back to join us soon! I'd love to see Chance now! Such a handsome pup!
    Aw, that was so sweet of you.

    I ended up deleting Tapatalk on my cell (memory was getting full and I was just cleaning out my apps and such) so I've been a bit MIA again :(

    Hope all is well!
    When we are in the market, I will seek her out. I really love the combination. Your dogs have had amazing longevity!
    Hello! I am curious, was Chance a breeder accident (Buster was) or are they breeding half English, half French? Our Ruggles will be 8 in Jan. and I hope he has another 3 or 4 years, but he is our 6th English Bulldog and only 1 made it close to 10 yrs. old. Anyway, Buster is the best ever Bulldog and I would love to locate someone respectable that breeds the mix!
    I just saw your pic in the contest! It's awesome! LOVE your baby Chance :luv:

    Oh I'm desertskybulldogs on EBN! :yes:
    Hello Schimpfy,

    :welcome: to FBN! If you have any questions at all on how to do anything around here, just click my name above this message and you can leave me a visitor message just like I am leaving for you right now :up: I would be glad to help you navigate the site if you need it. :yes: My name is Lisa :hiya:
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