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  • The First Snowball Fight is officially on!! SPLAT, GOTCHA, PASS IT ON, BUT YOU CAN'T GET THE ONE WHO GOT YOU!
    Thank you so much, Alice. We just finished a call with our vet, we had the necropsy done, she past from an abdominal infection which caused her to go septic, she was full of infection and we had no idea since she showed no signs of pain or symptoms until that morning.
    Chance was the second Iitter of FrengIish and I am sure she had pIans for another Iitter but different femaIe Eb, I sent her severaI peopIe who were interested
    I have been bIessed where aII my dogs have Iived Iong Iives my boxer was 17 and a sheItie 16 the Keeshounds were 15 and 17
    Unfortunately the yard itself is not huge, bigger then they had, but not as big as I would like. We have some changes to make. There is a covered pario deck, an above ground jacuzzi too in the back yard, BUT there are 2 huge covered patios and there is space all around the house they can run from one side to the other it's open from the front of the house to the side to the back to the other side. So they have room to run, but it's mostly concrete right now. We plan to add more grass in time. But I'm thinking of doing a fake grass system. They kill my grass every time. Their pee turns the grass yellow even if we water it every day. ARG!
    Ollie, Tank and Tucker all love the MUCH bigger back yard. We have a lot that is 7300 Sq Feet. House is 2400 so we have lots of room for the boys to roam around the property. They love it and I do too! Will post some pics of the boys soon in the new yard. I'm still unpacking. WE just moved last Friday.
    It's been a busy few months. We bought a house! Crazy the amount of people and paperwork that goes along with that process today. YIKES! So glad to have the time to post again!
    My tapatalk is acting slow, I'm not sure if it's my router or the tapatalk itself. :hmm:
    Thanks! It's okay, I just am trying to simplify it a bit and make the forum faster, hoping it's less glitchy. I remember you were having problems with having to write things up twice. :(
    hahaha!!! I have not been on the site only on tapatalk and boy did I get a laugh about the bowl! I guess I better make sure I log in on the PC huh? I wish tapatalk had visitor messages! I am so glad they sent the right one!
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