Behavioral Problems


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Mar 15, 2022
We have 4 frenchies between myself and the guy I date. The oldest two are his and are now 11 months old. We got them at 8 weeks old, 2 weeks apart (both born in April 2021) and had no problems up until August of 2021 so they were 4 months old when they started fighting really bad. One does not want to fight and the other seems to bully over any and everything. They don't fight all the time but it happens enough to be very concerned. They never fight outside. Its always inside and happens suddenly for no real reason. They will be fine for a while then one will try to make eye contact with the other and if he does, thats it. It happens so quick even if standing or sitting right next to them. We have been bitten trying to separate them. Of course they didn't bit us on purpose, we had to try to pry them part which is very hard to do even with them weighing less than 30 pounds a piece. We do not live together. I have 2 of my own that live with me. A male and female. Male is 5 months and female is 10 weeks. They get along fine with each other. We have had both older ones around my younger ones and there is no issue except between them so its just not safe. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. We love our babies and want them all to get along. Has anyone dealt with an issue like this and if so what did you do?


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Jun 12, 2022
I can relate to this so much. I know the exact look you are talking about and then it is onnnn. I’m sorry you’re going through that it’s really scary and sad to see your babies fighting. What I had to do was put forth a lot of effort to do “spot stay” training. So each dog has their own space and bed in the same room but they know they can’t leave the bed until we say “you’re free”. Still working on this trick and haven’t mastered it by any means but it seems to be helping a bit. Basically you tell the dogs spot and they should go to their bed. You reward them with a treat and then you tell them to stay. Gradually increase the time you tell them to stay before saying “you’re free” and break it up into 15 minute sessions. I found that my dogs actually really enjoy being trained and they seem proud of themselves after! Anyways goodluck I have definitely been there and I hope that helps you a bit.