Frenchie Behavior or just puppy?


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Jan 21, 2021
Our Frenchie is now almost 1 year old. He is our first Frenchie, but have had close to 10 dogs of different breeds. We chose a Frenchie for all the obvious reasons. Fun, comical, playful and couch potatoes. We wanted to reach out to this amazing group of Frenchie owners to ask...When do they typically grow up and settle down? Our guy is a complete crazy-man in the evening. Zooming, pestering, barking for attention, and being fresh. We are at home, so he's gets plenty of attention. We take him for multiple walks and try to give him playtime with other dogs as much as we can.
I know it takes some breeds longer to grow up and settle down. Please share your words of wisdom so we don't go crazy, like Louis!


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Apr 6, 2013
A Frenchie settle down and grow up? Hmmmm. Lol. Actually, they ar all different, my guy is 10 and still has early evening zooming and play sessions for about an hour , but it is not every night anymore, it is maybe twice a week.
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Aug 19, 2013
Puppies are definitely more active and crazy than older adults but like Christine said, my guy is 8 and mostly lays around but he’ll still get a burst of energy a couple times a week and zoom around.

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Oct 6, 2021
Hi Lee-

How is Louis now? I know the exact feeling. Bodhi is going on 7 months. He is our first Frenchie. He is definitely different from the 3 other dogs we had. I spend time with him at home, he gets plenty of play and exercises. He gets evening walks and now started taking him for walks 2 times during the day now that the weather is cooling down. He is stubborn and does not want to walk much during the day. He’s friendly but very wary and can be very protective. We take him to doggie daycare every Saturday for 3 hours since the end of June to help him with socialization. We also had him in puppy classes. He didn’t do too well there, maybe just too much for him and barked at other dogs the whole time. Daycare he seems better but so far it’s not helping him with seeing other dogs in the neighborhood. He wants to go see them and gets crazy over them. It’s been a week since he was neutered and is healing just fine. I’m hoping and praying that once he get through the puppy and adolescent stage, we’ll have a better behave dog. I’ve read many things and I know training is key. Is it the bully in the Frenchie that makes them have more behavioral issues?? Can anyone give some insights or does anyone else deals with this with their Frenchie? We have raised 3 other puppies and this one is the hardest so far.